I'm Kevin.

Undergraduate Student /

Carnegie Mellon University

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Here's some things I've done:

A photo of the home page of "Voluntutors." the tutoring organization I was a part of.
Project 1: E-Learning Nonprofit
Web Design, Outreach and Operations
Project 3: Public Policy Journal
Editor-In-Chief, Blog Contributer
Project 4: Boutique Marketing Firm
Sales and Operations, Web Design

Clubs and Responsiblities

I'm interested in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Software Development, and Consulting. My skills are in web design, public speaking, copywriting, actuarial finance, graphic design, and business administration. Below are some of my current responsibilities:

Full CV
Sales and Operations Intern
Jan 2021 — Present
The Triple Helix
Apr 2021 — Present
Tartan Student Fund
Stock Analyst
Feb 2021 — Present
CMU Activities Board
Finance Chair
Mar 2021 — Present