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Project Overview is a seed-stage B2B SaaS startup focusing on headcount, recruiting, and finance management software programs. I was selected as the sole intern at the company during the summer of 2021, and contributed to the 1.0 launch of the product in preparation for the Series A funding round.
My Contributions
- Worked directly under exec board on operations/logistics assistance, website design, metrics analysis, software integration, and product design
- Developed sales funnel on website and designed company blog content and marketing materials
- Created customer success pathway integrating Intercom API with interactive user assistance menu in-app
- Wrote user manual and documentation in LaTeX for 1.0 release, as well as blog posts hosted on the website for promotional purposes
- Incorporated a variety of product management & tracking tools into workflow including Fullstory and Mixpanel
Product Management, Business Analyst,
Web Design
May 2021 - Aug 2021
TruePlan offers dynamic hiring and headcount management software that centralizes requests and communication for recruiters, budget planners, finance teams, and budget owners.

"Headcount represents 60-70% of a company’s operating expenses, but there is a lack of control and transparency. Agility is highly prioritized in the current business ecosystem, and current programs and systems for headcount fail to reconcile information in one central source or give visibility of requests and approvals.

With the growing complexity of planning and collaboration, especially with higher employee turnover and remote work, current headcount management processes are unsustainable.

Together, we identified the following pain points companies currently face: Hard to reconcile sources of headcount information (HRIS, ATS, Google Sheets Hiring Plan)Request and approval processes often break and can lead to over hiring and lack of control and visibility over what the headcount forecast is.

And so that’s what TruePlan aims to solve. We offer a self-service tool for company department heads to minimize operating expenses, prevent unnecessary hires, and streamline headcount approval while adding transparency to the process."
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