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Project Helping Hands

Project Overview
Project Helping Hands aimed to gain support for the American Enterprise System from business professionals and students through various outreach events and workshops. We worked with the youth to teach them skills such as entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Project Helping Hands featured 180 workshop and competition participants, $800 raised by fundraisers and sponsors for charity, and an impact on over 1000 members of the community.
My Contributions
- Founder and president of Project Helping Hands
- Designed workshops and hackathons
- Booked events, contacted guest speakers, liasoned with sponsors
- Recognized by local and state government officials for "Outstanding Community Contribution"
- Awarded the National Edward D. Miller Award and First Place at the National American Enterprise Competition.
The project leads reached out to various government officials to seek their advice and to see how Project Helping Hands could make an impact on the city, county, and state levels. Project Helping Hands gained recognition from several regional officials like Candace Andersen, the Contra Costa County District II Supervisor, and Brandon Bratcher, a legislative assistant at the California State Assembly. With their support, the project committee was much more confident moving on and completing the project. This professional advisory assisted us by using their experience and skills to show what was going to work and what was not going to succeed with the preliminary plans. They helped brainstorm current social issues in the local community, which the Project Chairs then based potential themes of the Business Hackathon on.

On February 22nd, 2019, Project Helping Hands organized and ran an official Business Pitch Hackathon at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, California. The overarching theme of this competition was to combine various aspects of business planning including promotion plans, financial planning, and growth modeling to combat homelessness. The competitor’s task for this event was to create a business report and pitch about their unique business solution that allows those experiencing homelessness to gain work experience, accessibility to education, or relief, ultimately allowing them to achieve economic stability.

Competitors formed groups of three and competed for one pair of Apple Airpods each and $250 worth of gift cards, with total prizes worth over $800 total. They created reports, presentations, speeches, and models for a panel of judges. Plans ranged from rehabilitation and health clinics to child care and educational opportunities. Some were structured around reducing income inequality and incorporating those suffering from homelessness into the workforce. After the five-minute pitch, each team faced a three-minute caucus session, where judges and Project Helping Hands officers asked questions about the implementation and logistics of the individual projects.

Project Helping Hands was awarded First Place at FBLA Nationals 2019 in San Antonio and won the Edward D. Miller award after qualifying through States in the category: American Enterprise Project.
Project Helping Hands
Founder, Project Lead
May 2018 – May 2020
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